How to make reservation

First register a new account and activate it Then activate the account Then choose the hotel Select the date and number of rooms and individuals Choose the right room for you Then click on the booking button and complete your booking

How to make company reservation

Locate your destination either Medina or Mecca and then specify the date of arrival and departure after that determine the number of individuals and rooms after that you can choose the right hotel for you according to the features you need and complete your booking

Steps to register your own hotel

You click on the hotel owners entry and then add your own hotel then enter your private data and then click New Account .. You will see a message that your hotel has not been activated and the account is activated by management .. After that you must complete the data for the hotel

How to create a room

Click on Create .. Then you must enter the name of the room in Arabic and also English .. Then specify the type of room .. Then determine the number of the room of this type .. Then determine also whether smoking is allowed or not also specify the room space .. You can also specify the number of rooms Available for sale per day .. Then write a description of the room everything that exists You can also upload pictures of the room .. And can set the price of the room per night .. Also you can add attachments in the room .. You will also find before the establishment of the room (Do you want to stop this room), and if it has any renovation or suspended for circumstances .. Then click on Create.

How to create attachments for rooms and bathroom too

First: Clicking on the attachments of the rooms ... Then we click on the establishment .. We select the room attachments or bathroom attachments .. Then we enter them in Arabic and also in English ... Then we enter the details of the facility .in Arabic and English also then we press on the establishment

How to deal with rooms inside the control panel (tables)

You can search for a specific type of room or specify all rooms You can also change the room rate per night or add a discount on certain rooms

How to handle invoices

By clicking on the invoice you will be presented with reports for all the years or period that were booked if it is a year or a month.

How to deal with Inbox

You can talk to customers in the booking details.

How to handle bookings

Through which you can see all the bookings in terms of details as well .. Through (non-arrival status) must be changed if the client is present or not at all.

How to manage a hotel

You can hire a receptionist or accountant to deal with clients in the booking details.

Account Recovery

First: You must click on Login .. Second: You must click on forgot password .. Then you must enter the email address of your account and then click Retrieve password .. Then you will be sent a message to your mail and therefore to recover the password.